The Reuse of Contaminated Sites in Sustainable Development Strategies

Ciao a tutti!
vi segnalo questo workshop internazionale che si terra a Venezia il 26 e il 27 maggio sul riuso dei siti contaminati nelle strategie di sviluppo sostenibile.
Non ho molto chiare le modalità di iscrizione e a chi è precisamente rivolto (young researchers?), però io il curriculum lo invio, poi si vedrà. Mi sembra una cosa molto seria, anche perchè conosco alcuni dei prof coinvolti e sono tutti molto bravi. Qui sotto trovate l’avviso per esteso.
Un saluto.

The Department of Planning of the University Iuav of Venice, with the support of the European Science Foundation (ESF) and in cooperation with the SSAV- School of Advanced Studies in Venice Foundation and the Venice International University, is organising an Exploratory Workshop with the title:
“The Reuse of Contaminated Sites in Sustainable Development Strategies”, to be held on 26th -27th of May 2008.
Exploratory workshops are discussion meetings with an aim to develop new strategic directions for research. They are intended to be small, interactive and output oriented. More information can be found at

This workshop aims at:
1. summarizing the state of the art with respect to local practices in contaminated sites reclamation and reuse;
2. analyzing recent developments in economic valuation of contaminated site cleanup and reuse, in order to provide an assessment of valuation methods and
3. analyzing the impact of contaminated site reuse on local communities.

The explanatory workshop will be divided in three parts.
The first part will be mainly descriptive, aiming at creating a common knowledge on national experiences on contaminated site reuse and detect benefits from contaminated site reuse as perceived by practitioners.
The second part will highlight how economic valuation supports policy making identifying priorities, assessing population preferences, estimating the benefits of specific policy and plans.
The third part aims at assessing whether reuse policy boost local development.
The ultimate goal of the workshop is to link the policy experience with academic research in order to foster new research developments.

Invited speakers include policy makers and academics, amongst others.
Anna Alberini – Maryland University, USA, Ed Chu – EPA, USA, Dimitris Damigos -National Technical University of Athens, Greece, Detlef Grimski – Umweltbundesamt, Federal Environmental Agency, Germany, Marie Howland, University of Maryland, George Hutchinson, Queens University, Belfast, Peter Meyer, Louisville University, USA Francesc Munoz, UAB, Spain, Gundula Prokop – Umweltbundesamt, Austria, and Paul Syms, National Brownfield Advisor English Partnerships, UK

In order to assure the attendance of the workshop to young researchers, a limited number of early stage researchers, on the basis of their CV and interest on the workshop topic, will be selected and assigned a grant of € 300 (covering travel expenses and meals).
Interested scholars should send a CV as well as full contacts details
until March 7th, 2008 to: Marni Wood at
Successful students will receive notification by the 15th of March 2008.

Organizing Committee
Prof. Margherita Turvani, Dr. Francesco Musco,
Dr. Vania Paccagnan and Dr. Stefania Tonin
University Iuav of Venice
Department of Planning
Santa Croce, 1957
30135 Venice



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